The Recapitulation of the book Revelation

Each vision or cycle parallels or re-tells (i.e., recapitulates) previous visions or cycles, but progressively reveals more about the future (e.g., multi-perspectival in information, emphasis, aspect, or detail); thus, spending more time describing the future and less time describing the past.  The multi-perspectival nature of the future by each vision also applies to how each vision re-tells the past or present.





Cause for Hope

Christ Unveiled




John sees Christ is in his glory and dictates his statements to 7 churches.

We first see how Christs deep commitment to his people.

Christ is the Son of Man and the lover of the church, committed to her encouragement and purity.


Seven Seals

First, a prelude describes God on the throne. Then, the Lamb opens the scroll, the inter-advent is described, and John sees all the saints at rest.

Our sealing by the Spirit hides us from the judgment of the seals.

As the Lamb who was sacrificed, Christ unfolds history with complete sovereignty.




The inter-advent period is described: the

judgments are harsher, and the saints are pictured at war.

We are the two witnesses supernaturally protected until our work is done.

The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ...



Dragon, &


A passion play of the inter-advent period.  The Woman/Church is safe from the

Dragon/Satan, despite attacks from the


Despite the terror of the Dragon, the church is safe

from any true harm.

Christ is the child born to rule the nations, the lover of the 144,000.




After a brief picture of the saints victorious, the inter-advent period is described via harsh judgments.

We are the ones who sing the

song of Moses in praise for

victory over the beast.

Christ is our Moses, delivering us from the plagues of the seven




Babylon, the world system, contrasts with

chapter 12s Woman. Babylons wickedness and Gods just judgment on her are described.

We can rejoice with the multitudes in heaven that God will completely destroy the worldy system.

Christ is the Rider on the White Horse, who executes the final judgment of the world.


The End!

After a quick overview of time via the

millennium and judgment, John sees how we will spend eternity.

A day is coming when all evil is destroyed, all tears are wiped away, and God dwells with us.

Christ is the husband of the Church/New Jerusalem. He is the Beginning and the End. He tells his people, I am coming soon!