Top 10 Questions Fundamentalists Find Most Annoying

by James Akin

Anti-Catholics often pepper Catholics with rapid-fire questions of the form "Where is X mentioned in the Bible?", as if every single concept has to be explicitly mentioned in Scripture, and mentioned using exactly the same term for it that is used today. Next time that happens to you, try out some of the following questions in reply...

10. Where is the term altar call in the Bible?

9. Where is the term Rapture in the Bible?

8. Where is the term premillenialism in the Bible?

7. Where is the term total immersion in the Bible?

6. Where is the term eternal security in the Bible?

5. Where is the term King James Version in the Bible?

4. Where is the term sola scriptura in the Bible?

3. Where is the term total depravity in the Bible?

2. Where is the term faith alone in the Bible? (Only in James 2:24, where it is rejected)


And the #1 question Fundamentalists find most annoying…

1. Where is the term Bible in the Bible?