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I grew up in the Church of Christ (CoC) and have very fond memories of it.  Things such as youth groups, bible devotionals, sunday school, the Lord's Supper, and my own baptism will be spiritual markers that I will always treasure.  And I will forever be grateful to my parents for bringing me up in this particular type of Christianinty that puts so much emphasis on Truth, doctrine, scripture, the church, and living a righteous life.  This website and in particular this page is not meant to be an attack on the faith I first met Jesus in.  But it is meant instead to highlight the differences we have, clear up commonly held misconceptions that CoC memebers have about Catholcism, and finally to persuade any and all that the Church established by Our Lord is the Catholic Church.

I pray that this page will be a resource for those who have converted from the Church of Christ to Catholicism, for those who might be called to do so, for those Catholics who have lost family memebers to the Church of Christ, and finally for those Church of Christ memebers who are sincerely seeking to know the difference between the two faiths.


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