Hinduism Traditions and Christianity

Holy Trinity-Trimurti
The Gita, problems with Krishna
Reform Movements
The Essence of Christianity

Come to the Cross of Jesus Christ

    Hinduism stresses the right way of living, "dharma": The Commandments of the Law of Manu can be taken by any Christian: Love your neighbors, tolerance, compassion, respect, humility, do not harm other people, do not commit evil acts not harbor evil thoughts... with the 5 rules of "right conduct", the "niyana": Poverty, serenity, austerity, learn about God, obey his laws.

    Hinduism claims many deities, ranging from 1,000 to 33 million gods... but all of them are just manifestations or symbols of the only Absolute, and they are different ways to know and serve the only Brahman.

The Christian Holy Trinity... and the Hindu Trimurti:
    It impressed me to know that the 3 manifestations of Brahman, have some similarities with the Christian "Holy Trinity", in Hinduism called the "Trimurti".
     - Brahma is like the Father, the creator, the cosmic mind. As God the Father has few temples dedicated to him, in fact only one in all India.
     - Vishnu, like the Son, Jesus Christ, the preserver, the cosmic lord... with 9 reincarnations, ten avatar manifestations... and the one to come, Kalkin... however, Jesus is the only one incarnation of God. Vishnu had already 9 incarnations ("avatars") and he is shown as one them, as fish, tortoise, a boar... the last 3 were Rama, Krishna, and Buddha, who are very popular
     - Shiva like the Holy Spirit, destroyer of the bad things to renew the universe, the transcendent Godhead
... so, Hinduism in some way it is a "monotheistic" religion... however the Bible condemns any kind of polytheism, the adoration of anything or anybody besides the only God, because the gods that are not God, are idols or devils (Psalm 96:5).

    The Vedas pantheon mythology, includ the Cosmic Trinity of Agni (god of fire), Vayu, (god of air), and Surya (god of energy or life).

The Gita, the main "Bible of India", contains many concepts compatible with Christianity, and Krishna, the god of the Gita, and the most popular in India, is like a shadow painting of Jesus Christ when he claims, "I am the source of the forth going of the whole universe... I am the Father, the Holy One, Abode, Shelter, Lover, Origin, Path, Seed imperishable... they who worship me with devotion, they are in me, and I also in them"...

    There are 2 problems with Krishna:

    1- He is not a "Savior", he can not erase any bad karma (deeds); 
    2- He never existed, he is a hero of a novel, of the 18th chapter of the Mahabharata epic, he only existed in the mind of the novelist, like Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes, or the gods of the Greeks, or Romans...  Please, look at Many Gods

... all a Hindu needs is to pass from the shadow of Krishna to the reality of the resurrected and living Jesus Christ; you will understand him very well, because he is like Krishna... and the Savior, merciful God!.

We shall comment on the "Law of Karma", with its many similarities to Christianity... 
... But the doctrine of "Reincarnation", resulting in the infamous "Caste System" is totally opposed to the teachings of the Bible.

We also shall see that most of "Yoga" can be part of a Christian life, but Hindu "Meditation" is a misunderstood word and may be devastating.

Most Hindu worship is not congregational but individual, either in the temple or at home, with prayer and magic rites aimed to expel bad spirits.

Feasts, Sanctuaries, Pilgrimages, Monasteries, are important part of Hinduism and Christianity.

Reform movements: 
    Throughout the centuries Hinduism has been the field for constant reform movements:

    1- In the 6th century BC, Gautama Buddha and Mahavira, with Buddhism and Jainism rebelled against the many gods of Hinduism, and his priests with so many honors and complicated rituals.
    2- Later, Tiruvalluvar, Manika-Vasagar, Ramanuja, Gandhi, Madhava and Ramnanda, all preached theology with concepts consistent with those of the personal God and conscious immortality of Christianity. 
    3- Nanak with Sikhism tried to unite Hindus and Muslims. Chaitanya tried to abolish the caste system preaching equality of all men and women. Ramakrishna blends Hindu and Western religions.

    I pray that all India comes to Jesus Christ, with Mother Theresa and many Jesuits and Augustinians and other missionaries, as millions of Hindus have already done... it is the best way to end with the caste system, and to go to eternal Paradise after death, without any reincarnations...

The essence of Christianity:

     It is not "to know" about Christ but "to be" another Christ, with Christ in the Christian and the Christian in Christ, in his Mystical Body, in his church... and Christ is God, the Absolute, the real Brahman who became a real human person, not just a hero of an imaginary novel.

    1- The Cross: Jesus on the Cross redeemed us, He paid for all our sins for all our bad karma, we just have to appropriate this free payment by believing in Jesus Christ and doing what He asks, mainly to be baptized in His church.

    2- The Resurrection: But the Cross was not the end... After His Resurrection Jesus Himself wants to live in us, here, on earth. We were saved from sin to live on earth with the love and joy and peace of Jesus in us, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me (Gal.2:20). A love and joy and peace that nothing and nobody can take away (Rom.8:37-39).
    Give thanks with joy to God always and in any circumstance as proclaimed in Eph.5:20 and emphasized in the Preface of every Holy Mass, Indeed it is "just" and "necessary", our "duty" and our "salvation" to give thanks to God always and in all circumstances. There are no more words in the dictionary to emphasize it!
    The life of a Christian on earth is a  A Wedding Feast! , as proclaimed in at least 20 quotations in the Bible. In this Wedding Feast each one of us is invited, and not just as any guest, but as the "Bride of the Lamb". This is the message of the Cana wedding feast in John 2, the first miracle of Jesus. 
    With problems like in Cana, but always with the joy and love and excitement of a bride in her wedding feast. In success or failure, good or bad health, always with the joy and love and peace of Jesus in me that nobody and nothing can take away. 

    3- The  Ascension: Still more: The work of Jesus on earth did not end with the Cross nor with the Resurrection, but with His Ascension to Heaven: He wants us to go to eternal Heaven, like Him!... Christianity is the religion of joy on earth, but still more, in Heaven for one eternity, without the need for any reincarnation, because Jesus paid for absolutely all or sins, all our bad karma.

    Yes, many problems and sufferings, but with the joy and excitement of a "mother in labor" Jesus tells us in Jn.16:21. Because Each suffering is to bring up a new life, either in us or in others:    
        1- In us... because each suffering is like an injection of God to purify us, as proclaimed in Hebrews 12.
        2- In others... like the sufferings of redemption of Christ or Mary, of Peter or Paul... Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I do my share on behalf of His body, which is the church, in filling up what is lacking in Christ's afflictions. (Colos.1:24)... yes, with my cross I am a co-redeemer with Christ, it is my best evangelization, to help others to go to Heaven. An old sick woman is not a burden, but the best treasure of home.
    "Suffering" is a great revolution of Jesus in the two mountains:
    1- In the Mount of the Beatitudes, proclaiming the "poor happy", the "hunger happy", those who "mourn happy", the "persecuted happy"...
    2- At Calvary it was not with words, but with deeds, with his flesh... the greatest success of humankind!... 
    IT CAN BE DONE... CHRIST AND I, ABSOLUTE MAJORITY!, I can do everything through him who gives me strength.  (Phil.4:13).

Come to the Cross of Jesus Christ:

    Believe in Jesus Christ, and trust Him... if you have faith in Jesus Christ all your bad deeds, all your bad karma will be totally erased , right now!... you don't need any more reincarnations...because Jesus paid for them in his Cross... it is as if you owe one million dollars and some millionaire pay them for you... now you owe nothing... really nothing!... there is "power" in Jesus... infinite "power" to erase all bad deeds of 20,000 lifetimes... because he is God!.
... and if your gods do not have this power, your religion is a religion "without power".
    What Hinduism needs is an agent from God, who comes to earth and pays for all our bad actions and makes us free and holy... and you already have it!... Jesus is not only an agent of God, he is God himself, the only one "Brahman", the only one "Bhagvan", the only one "Ishvara", who incarnated in the womb of Virgin Mary, became flesh, and died in a Cross with love, to pay for all our bad deeds, for all our bad karma, to make us free of sin, and to give us a new glorious life on Earth and eternally in Heaven without any reincarnation.

    Lord Jesus, I believe in you, that you are the only one real God incarnated as a real human person to pay for all my sins, for all my bad karma, at the Cross...   and I will be baptized in your church as soon as possible. Thank you, my Jesus, I adore you , my God and Savior.