1. St. Ignatius on the Church.doc
  2. Real Presence
  3. Does it mean Cannabalism by Time Troutman
  4. St. Paul's Use of the Word Eucharist by Taylor Marshall
  5. The Church Fathers on Transubstantiation by Tim Troutman
  6. Was Jesus Really Crucified with the Passover Lambs by Brant Pitre
  7. Indulgences and the Treasury of Merit by Bryan Cross
  8. St. Thomas on Penance by Bryan Cross
  9. Catholic and Reformed Conceptions of the Atonement by Bryan Cross
  10. List of New Testament Scriptures that Show you can lose your slavation my Matt1618
  11. Reformed Imputation and the Lord's Prayer by Bryan Cross
  12. Christ Washed His Garment in Wine by Taylor Marshall
  13. 21 Facts About the Antichrist in Sacred Scripture
  14. Clarifying the Confusion on Confirmation by Msgr. Charles PopE
  15. The Uniqueness of the Catholic Church by Mark Shea
  16. Unity and Beauty by Tim Troutman
  17. What is Church by Tom RiellO
  18. Ancient Witnesses to the Catholic Faith
  19. The Didache by Msgr. Charles Pope
  20. Onesiphorus and St. Paul's Prayer for the Dead
  21. Relics
  22. A reply to Treuman by Matt Yonke
  23. St. Augustine on veneration to the saints
  24. The Heroes of the New Covenant by Bryan Cross
  25. St. Augustine on Law and Grace by Bryan Cross
  26. The Mechanics of Sin and Redemption in Catholic Theology by Taylor Marshall
  27. A second letter to The Church of Christ is by R.J. Grigaitis
  28. Backward ChristianSoldier by Jeff Childers
  29. Can Baptism be Translated as Immersion by R.J. Grigaitis
  30. Can The Church of Christ be considered a Christian Denomination by R.J. Grigaitis.
  31. Silence by R.J. Grigaitis
  32. Silence is consent by R.J. Grigaitis
  33. That the Man of God May Be Complete by Jeff Childers
  34. The Foundation of the Christian Church by R.J. Grigaitis
  35. The Word of God by R.J. Grigaitis
  36. What Every Chrsitian Should Understand about the Bible by R.J. Grigaitis.
  37. A letter to The Church of Christ is by R.J. Grigaitis
  38. A drunkard and a glutton by R.J. Grigaitis
  39. A biblical examination of the restoration movement by Jeff Childers
  40. δικαιόω
  41. a morphological
  42. lexical and historical analysis by David Pell
  43. The Church Fathers on Purgatory and 1 Cor 3
  44. 15
  45. Is Scripture Sufficient by Sean Patrick
  46. Graven Images by Matt1618
  47. You cannot bear it now and the Development of Doctrine
  48. church of christ
  49. A_debate_on_the_Roman_Catholic_religion.pdf
  50. books
  51. Bible
  52. Reconciliation
  53. Sources of Catholic Dogma
  54. Sola Scriptura
  55. Sin
  56. Catechism of the Catholic Church
  57. Confession
  58. Mary
  59. Other Religions
  60. Ecumenical Councils
  61. Mormanism
  62. Original Sin
  63. Papacy
  64. Pope Pius XII
  65. Authority
  66. Church
  67. Communion of Saints
  68. Crusades
  69. Galileo
  70. Eucharist
  71. Economics
  72. Indulgences
  73. Inquisition
  74. Mass
  75. 150 Reasons why I am Catholic by Dave Armstrong
  76. Symbolism of the Carmelite Crest
  77. The Church or the Bible by Fr. Arnold Damon
  78. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  79. Bad arguments against the Magisterium by Michael Liccione.doc
  80. The Church Fathers on Baptismal Regeneration by Bryan Cross
  81. Did Some Church Fathers Reject the deuterocanonicals by Matt1618
  82. How to Untangle the Numbering of the Psalms by Taylor Marshall
  83. Sirach by Taylor Marshall
  84. The Canon as its own Measure by Tim A. Troutman
  85. The Canon of Scripture by Frederick P. Pogorzelski
  86. The Harmony of the Gospels by Michal Hunt
  87. The Canon Question by Tom Brown
  88. Devotion to the Five Sacred Wounds
  89. Presentations
  90. A refutation of the seamless garment theory by Josh Schwartz
  91. Catholicism and Capital Punishment by Cardinal Dulles
  92. Examination of Conscience
  93. War and Capital Punishment by James Akin
  94. Calling Priests Father by Taylor Marshall
  95. Historical Development of Calling Priests Father by Taylor Marshall
  96. The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors
  97. Is Sola Scriptura in the Bible by Bryan Cross
  98. So All Could Understand by Tom Brown
  99. Solo Scriptura by Bryan Cross
  100. Evangelical Reunion in the Catholic Church by Bryan Cross